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We have been in shanghai for 3 days. On the first day we went to a building with 88 levels and went to the top. It was so cloudy we couldn't see a thing. The building next door has 101 floors and the top was in the clouds. After we went to our hotel which wonderful and is right on the Bund which is the main attraction in Shanghai.

We went to the chinese acrobatic show last night. There were all different toes of gymnastics. My favourite was the motor cycles in side a big ball. There were five motor bikes speeding inside at the same time. It was amazing and scary.
We have done a lot of shopping and also visited the Yu Yuhan Gardens which is one of the oldest chinese gardens. It was beautiful.

There are 23 million people living in Shanghai which is about the same number of people living in all of Australia! It is very busy! Tomorow we leave for Phuket, Thailand.

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Stop 2 in China

In Xiamen we went had a wonderful lunch beside the sea. It was huge...we had 10 courses of food and I had my first experience using a Chinese toilet...not very pretty! I much prefer ours. Later that day we went to a tea house called Mr Tea and my mum sampled different yes of tea. I only got to smell them. I was given a dragon cup and when you put hot tea or water in it the dragon turns bright red.

That night we were back on the boat and we went to a concert for a group named Metro. It was four men and when they sang they had no instruments, it was just their voices. Two of them were beat boxers and they all sang as well. They were wonderful and I bought a CD which they signed for me.

The next day we went to another show on the boat and it was an ice skating show. It was amazing, they jumped, spun and danced on the ice, even in skeleton costumes!

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Hong Kong


Today we arrived in hong kong. It was not as nice as we expected because it rained. We caught a tram up a really steep mountain to The Peak. We went up to the Sky Terrace and saw the view of Hong Kong. After that we caught a bus down to the Light Show. It wasn't that spectacular as we hoped, it was really just spotlights and lasers.

The next day it was still raining. We went on a tour to a Buddhist temple and we also rode the People Mover which is the longest escalator in the world. We saw the really old part of Hong Kong. We also tried to go to the biggest Toys R Us but we ran out of time...BOO! All I bought was a crystal elephant...not good!

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Saigon here we are!


Today we have arrived in Vietnam. We went on a tour around ho chi Minh city. This place use to be called Saigon. Part of our tour was seeing a water puppet show. It was funny and I really in joyed it. The funny part was that when one of the puppets back broke. We had a ride on an rickshaw and the traffic was crazy! We went to the markets and bought a fan and a book mark.The total population is 8 million. There houses are little shelters. They also have to put there motor bikes in here living room!

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Ship to Shore

Day 1&2 on board

Monday we left Singapore and boarded our ship called Voyager of the Seas. The ship has 3 pools, a rock climbing wall an ice rink and a cinema. We had to wait a long time to get our bags to unpack. We saw a parade with lots of animals from madagascar, shrek and kung fu panda.
Tuesday we are at sea (it does not feel like your moving).we went to one of the pools today and I saw puss in boots in 3D. Mum broke her necklace so we looked for a new one and we also bought two bracelets.tonight I am going to make a stuffed animal they are called pets at sea.

Tomorow we are going to Ho Chi Minh City and mum and I are doing a rickshaw tour.

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