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Our first stop

8/6/12 Today we arrived at Darwin and then we took a 5 hour flight to Singapore.
Saturday we went shopping and I bought some Gap T shirts and a key ring. At night we went to the Night Safari at the zoo. We saw lots of animals such as leopards, lions, hippos and lots more. Today we went to Universal Studios. We went on lots of rides including Madagascar boat ride, the Jurassic Park rapid ride where Mum and I got soaked. We bought a mummy I an Egyptian coffin.
In Singapore they talk really differently I learnt their police cars are different and they drive fast here. I also learnt their country is really small and the population is about 5 million and nearly everyone owns their home. There looks like a lot of people smoke here. The hotel where we are staying is called Marina Mandarin. The people here where orange black or red. The thing I like about Singapore is that it is really clean and there is lots to do.

Did you know? Where Lady Gaga is here she stays at a hotel with a roof that looks like half a boat!

Also lots of the buildings are funny shaped.

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